Roofing Services

At Gruwell Roofing, we’re dedicated to everything your roof might need.  We don’t just do the big jobs like new roofs and re-roofs, leaving you to find someone else to save you if your roof springs a leak or ends up with a condition that could shorten your roof’s useful life.

We offer:

  • New roofs and re-roofs in materials from composition shingles to wood to single ply
  • Shake roof restorationGet the most life from your wood roof!
  • Leak repair-: Quick, dependable response and excellent workmanship
  • Information:  Brochures, pamphlets, product specs and advice about the features and benefits of various roofing services, systems and products–everything you need to make a confident and informed decision about your roof.
  • Roofing analysis: We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your roof to address any current issues you may have, as well as helping to deter future problems.
  • Roof maintenance: Keep your roof free from build-up and debris to ensure the maximum useful life from your roof.  A little prevention now can eliminate costly repairs later.
  • Skylights: Installed, repaired, and replaced

Check out our topic pages to learn more about the specific service you’re looking for.

Have a question?  Give us a call.  We’d be glad to answer your questions or tell you about materials and options that may suit your needs.  Our phone number is over on the right.



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