Leak Repair

 Just because your roof leaks doesn’t always mean you need to replace it.  Most leaks can be fixed by tracking down the point of entry.  Common causes for leaks include:

  • Valley build-up or incorrect/non-reinforced installation
  • Failed caulking or flashing at penetrations in the roof deck, such as plumbing stacks, skylights, chimneys or vents
  • Build-up of moss or debris
  • Or simply a worn-out roof that is in need of replacing

Here you can see the progress of a typical roof repair job:

First, the problem section                                                 Below, a view of the roof repair in-process

roof damage & roof repair roof repair in progress

And the finished roof section

completed roof repair - Gruwell Roofing Eugene-Springfield








Leaks are a priority with us at Gruwell Roofing, and we strive to respond as promptly as possible to all requests for leak repair. We also offer roofing analysis, as well as a maintenance program that helps to stop leaks before they become costly problems.

So give us a call today, while the leak you have is on your mind.  Chances are, it’s not the whole-roof repair project you’ve been dreading.  And by taking care of it now, you’ll keep it from turning into a bigger problem down the road.