Maintenance Plan

Gruwell Roofing Maintenance Recommendations:

Whether it’s changing the oil in our vehicle, keeping a fresh coat of paint on our house, or properly oiling and cleaning tools to get maximum life from them, maintenance is a constant. If we put these things off, our investments fall apart, rust or just plain look shabby. A roof is no exception. It is an investment which keeps you safe and dry from the elements year after year.

One statement we hear quite often from clients is: “Well, it’s a 30 year roof, I shouldn’t have to worry about it for at least that long.” Simply put, warranties are against manufacturer defects; they in no way state the lifespan of the roof system. A neglected roof will fail sooner than it should; this is a fact.

Contact Gruwell Roofing for a proactive maintenance plan that may preclude you from having to spend thousands of dollars to repair or replace a prematurely worn out roof.

Before & After shots of a mossy composition roof


easily solved by hiring a roofing professional
to prevent or inspect/correct them when they do occur:




Clean, Inspect, Correct.
Be proactive!

Prevent these common, potentially costly problems by hiring Gruwell Roofing to keep your roof free of leaves and debris, and make sure your gutters flow properly.

We install these roof systems and understand how they function as well as the do’s and don’ts of roofing in our northwest environment. We maintain a full schedule during winter months correcting improperly installed or maintained roofing systems.

Along with our annual maintenance, we also perform an extensive checklist of the following:


Plumbing Pipes Skylights Chimney Vents



Flashings Shingle Pattern Eave and Rake Metal Nail Pattern Roofing Material Overhang Valleys

The bottom line: protect your investment. Let us do the upkeep of your new or older roof to ensure you get the most life out of it, and rest easy knowing you’ve hired a professional.

Contact Gruwell Roofing today.