Gruwell Roofing Is A Licensed Skylight Installer

Skylight Installation

Thinking about adding more natural light to your home? It’s always a great idea–especially here in the Northwest. Skylights will brighten your house and add a welcoming feel, especially during those dark winter days. They’re real mood brighteners, plus they’ll save you money you’d otherwise be spending on electric lighting.

The Gruwells are licensed skylight installers, and can add high-quality, Energy Star-rated Velux skylights to your home. Or where natural light is desired without an outside view, they offer Velux’s Sun Tunnel tubular skylight. It provides UV-protected natural light to virtually any area: dark hallways, closets, bathrooms, etc. They promote energy-saving, are self-sustaining and can even be offered with an optional light for nighttime use.

Skylight Repair

Looking for skylight repair? Matt and Erin do that, too. Below you can see some of their work:

before and after example of Gruwell Roofing skylight repair

Whatever your need in skylights, give Gruwell Roofing a call. Erin and Matt will come out, assess your needs, explain your options and give you a cost estimate for your project–all free of charge.

High Quality Skylight Installation for the Eugene-Springfield area:
Save money and energy, and brighten your house with UV-protected natural light.

Velux skylights installed, repaired, replaced and guaranteed by Gruwell Roofing

“Erin did a great job with the installation of the skylights –- they turned out beautifully! I look forward to the winter months and getting more sunlight in the house. Thanks so much.”