Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Thank you for taking care of the deck roof while I was gone.  I appreciate that you took the responsibility for replacing the dry rot sections. .. If I should need something in the future, I will be sure to call you.”  -CG

“Erin did a great job with the installation of the skylights–they turned out beautifully!  I look forward to the winter months and getting more sunlight in the house.  Thanks so much.”  -LM

“Thank you for the great job you did.  It is wonderful to be able to walk into my laundry room while it’s raining and not get rained on!”  CK

“When I needed my roof re-roofed, I got bids from three companies, but you seemed the most interested of the three in doing my roof.  Erin offered a lot of useful information the other estimators didn’t, and didn’t make it seem like my roof was just one of dozens he’d be looking at that day.  His estimate also included more roof vents than the other estimators proposed installing.  Once I accepted your bid, Erin called me back much more quickly than I’d expected to tell me you’d had some customers who needed to switch dates and if it was convenient for me, you could do my roof the following week.  Your entire crew was very nice.  You did the work quickly, cleaned up after yourselves and there was no blaring music or loud talking, etc. to put up with the way there often is with construction-type crews.  Both of you were conscientious and very helpful, and it felt good to have my roof re-done by someone who really cared about providing good workmanship.”   -SM

“Thank you very much; the roof looks very, very pretty.  Let me  know if you need references or need to have people drive by to see the Malarkey roof… and your work.  The neighbors have commented that this is a very nice looking roof!  Oh, and they also said you were nice guys.”  -KB

“I had gotten estimates from three other roofing companies before contacting you. I couldn’t fault any of them but they all seemed pretty similar: measure, send estimate, and have some crew come in and do the roof. Then you arrived.  You explained in more detail than any other company what you suggested. You say you’re not a very good salesman, but in my opinion your knowledge and enthusiasm was better than any sales pitch. You explained about the Malarkey shingles you use and the wider zone for the nails (NOT staples). Unlike any other roofer, you said I had the option to do laminate shingles on a low-pitched roof, but it required careful installation. You gave the most careful appraisal of any estimator of how many more vents I needed.Then I find out that you and your brother were the ones who would be the ones doing the roof. The person with the knowledge was actually going to be up on my roof! I was sold. Your flyer describes the family roofing business run by your father and how he has done everything from palm frond roofs to a roof done with hand tools from a cedar tree. I felt I was hiring a family with a roofing tradition. Clearly he trained you well.  When it was time to re-roof, you arrived with your truck and by the time I came home, the old roof was off and the felt underlay was in place. I never saw any debris. Day two was installation and then one more day for a small touch up and cleaning the gutters. I am so pleased with the results. Your price was essentially the same as the other estimates. You were recommended to me by Dyer Skylights and you wouldn’t bid on my skylight since Dyer had recommended you and you didn’t want to be unethical. I can’t say enough positive about this experience.”

“Last summer your company put a new roof on our home.  You worked around my work schedule, did outstanding work with quality materials.  your company is the kind we’re looking for to join our BNI chapter.  I hope you would accept this invitaiton as an opportunity to check our chapter out and see if it is a good fit for you.  Thank you.”  – AR